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What to expect when becoming a client

Our process is tailored to your situation, but generally follows the framework below.

Initial Conversation

Whether you were referred to me by another client, friend, or just found me organically, I will want to spend some time learning about you and what lead you here and how we can help.  I will provide an Investor Profile for you to complete and return.  This will allow me to gauge your current situation and develop the framework of where I can help.

First Meeting

Once we receive the completed profile and needed information, we will sit down for a meeting and look at a sample financial plan and further explain my process and what you can expect going forward.  There is no cost for this meeting, and after this meeting we will decide if it is the right fit and if we want to move forward.

Onboarding Meeting

After agreeing to move forward, we will make sure we have all the information we need and follow up with any missing items.  We will open accounts at our custodian, Fidelity, and sign agreements with my RIA and any vendors we plan to utilize in your planning or investments.  We will ask you to link any outside accounts to our planning portal and begin the process of building your financial plan.

Client Planning Meeting

After all accounts have moved over to us, we will have had time to finalize your financial plan.  At this meeting we will review the details of your plan, and discuss different goals and how to meet those goals.


We will invest your accounts in the models we have chosen to use that best fit you, and setup savings or withdrawal plans based on the action steps we outlined in the finalizing of your financial plan in the previous meeting.

Ongoing Reviews

We will likely sit down to review your plan at least annually, but this review process can be tailored to your needs.  If you get comfortable with the plan, we can complete it over the phone. Conversely, if you feel like you have questions or concerns we may meet more often if that fits you better.  Either way, we will tailor a plan that meets your needs and you can be ensured that we are ready and available when you need us.

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